What's Next

The recently passed time was tough, and the up-coming future would be challenging. Zebra Zhang had spent his entire past leaning on being a student, and to him, the next step had turned into hard choices – to stay as a student, to upgrade into a teacher, or neither.



A PhD would be the goal. The overwhelming craves towards to knowledge drove Zebra Zhang researching for his application proposal. He already had a satisficing start, to compare with the him a year ago, he was able to make more connection between his twittering thoughts of whimsies. What he lacked the most was some, what he thought, dull articles. Took a breath and took a time, focus on writing a proposal, Zebra would be ready for a Ph. D.


A teaching job would be the aim. Zebra Zhang was passionate to reveal the wonder of fine art to younger and innocent people. Fantasy and souls, and love and peace are urgent to be spread, due to this world is money fighting power, lambs waiting butchers. Plus, Mommy and Daddy was no longer sending money, and a job was a job. To teach with Zebra’s native language in China, certifications were required. The one wanted to make exams must get exam-ed. After a good time preparing for the certification exam, Zebra would be prepared to teach.


Neither was the plan, and the lottery would be a short-cut to poverty and starvation.

As for his practice, there were two works from the past, Voice and Man of My Words, waiting for a refining. And it was pleasant both to see and make Pulse, therefore pulse would go on. Due to the 2020 lockdown, True Dialogs was still an installation to be, it would be great to see it in an exhibition space. Besides that, True Dialogs was an alternative to adapt with the hard situation. It put, to Zebra, too much weight on the narratives. A new artwork was on-planned to base on a similar core but different presentation.


It was a shame that two exhibitions, which Zebra would be participating, had to be cancelled for 2020. The future had become outstandingly unstable to predict, and it might lead zebra to a collapse, or bring him inspiration, and even both.    


Alex is a visual presentation takes a form of performance. This presentation groups Zebra Zhang with three other artists, Claire Michel, Minqi Xu and Xinan Yang, to share the similarity and differences between their artworks.

Alex uses a fictional character, Alex, as a carrier to represent the similarity between the artists. Each one of the group takes a role as one personality of Alex, and they will confess one by one. After one finishes and goes 'dormant', the following artist will 'wake'. The speeches are prepared separately to keep each artists' originality, to avoid influences, since they are already strongly connected.

Key skill granted:

Ability to share thoughts at the same time stay original;

To compare and contrast with other artists.


(Left to Right) Minqi Xu, Xinan Yang​​, Claire Michel and Zebra Zhang




Alex (Pt. Zebra Zhang)

Helloo yall, I’m Alex. I’m doing phycological and artistic things.


I have read a very interesting book, called an Artists’ Book, and it’s about artists things...


Anyways I was buying art supplies the other day. oh I still got the pen I bought that day, if u don’t believe me... (Take out a pen from the pocket.)


So I saw a colourful booklet in the art supply store. Then I was urgently wanting to see this show in Royal Academy of Arts, just thought it would be helpful...

I got on the bus, a red one, and... oh here is my Oyster card (show an Oyster card), I sat aside with an old lady. That woman was trying to steal from me! I spotted right away! Cuz I saw she got very long and pointy fingers....

I hold my phone and my wallet and my pockets really tight, and I got off the bus without losing anything.


I arrived royal academy of arts on time, and I saw the whole show! Just as I thought, it was amazing! It was full of artistic and physiological things... very helpful.


As you can tell, I’ve been very productive recently...don’t you worry about me. And thank you for listening.


Emergency Art

Emergency Art is an exhibition, which focuses on common issues around the world. Zebra Zhang, for the first, collaborates with another artist to make one artwork.  Zebra Zhang and Wengjing Fan have co-established an installation piece, Molotov (2019),  to address the riot issues based upon 2019 Hong Kong protest.  

Molotov is a combination of objects and video pieces. There are five panels of films surrendering the objects that are in the centre. Five monitors or projectors are beyond affordable, yet, Zebra and Wenjing manages to keep the cost under the budget. 

Key skill granted:

Budget reduction; 

Collaboration skills.


Zebra Zhang and Wenjing Fan at the private opening


Zebra Zhang, Wenjing Fan 

Molotov (Left panel on)

Video installation


Emotion in a Jar

Emotion in a Jar is an art workshop which opens to the public on 20 June 2019, taught by Zebra Zhang and hosted by Sphinx International Art Education, Hangzhou.


This workshop provides high school and college students, who are interested in majoring art, an idea to express emotion with colours alone. Zebra Zhang uses films and paintings as examples in the first section, and then he asks students to make an object with simple materials.


For Zebra Zhang, It is also a helpful learning process as well. The rhythm and pace while he talks become causal, and by helping others, he can gain himself ideas new and inspiring.

Key skill granted:

Communication skills;

Analyzing skills;

Ability to transform complex concepts into understandable words.


Zebra Zhang, Wenjing Fan 

Molotov (Right panel on)

Video installation


sfk 1.jpg

Zebra Zhang giving presentation

sfk 3.jpg

Participates making the jar


1. Lottery for a specific feeling from the pot.

2. Select coloured mosaics and put them into the jar.

3. Label your jar.

4. Plug your jar with an oak stopper.

5. Done. 



Immurement is a group show exhibited on 7 November 2019, in the Crypt gallery under St Pancras New Church, London. Artists had to adapt with the moisture of a crypt, alone with dim lighting and historical but vulnerable brick walls. It was already a challenge in the beginning.


The arrangement with this lots of artists (38 people), to work for one show is also tough, and besides that, the curation was the true nightmare. Moving around artworks in narrow corridors of the Crypt was difficult, and all the exhibiting spaces have their own characters and flaws. Communication and understanding took an important place in resolving these issues.

Key skills granted:

Negotiation with co-exhibitors;

Adjust artworks to adapt with the environment;

Installation skills.


The crypt is defenseless due to ageing, and the installation required to be set carefully to avoid further damage. 


Plug sockets are limited inside an old structure, and planning wiring is especially difficult and crucial. 


Just like any underground crypts, the exhibition place is dimed and moisture. Several adjustments are made to adapt the environment.


The exhibition place has a strict rule for health and safety, and even barbed wire is a part of the plan, it is instructed to be removed.